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Tutor Since: February 2019

Last Online: June 2nd 1:05pm (EDT)

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I'm an American registered nurse, nursing instructor, psychiatric expert, and I love to help students with writing and research papers. I've also worked extensively with business, insurance, and construction. I can help you with essay writing, editing, job applications, cover letters, resumes, and CVs. I've traveled to many countries, and I live in Bangkok, Thailand now. I have bachelors and masters degrees from The Johns Hopkins University. I have experience helping students who speak English as their second or third language, and may not use their English skills much outside of class. My masters is in Information and telecommunications and business. I taught Nursing Informatics in an online RN to BSN program. Best wishes and please contact me or request a session or project on 24houranswers.com.

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