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This tutor is currently not available. They cannot handle any tutoring requests until they return.

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Medicine and Nursing

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Tutor Since: July 2019

Last Online: October 15th 4:09pm (EDT)

Completed: 0 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

A drive to teach and help has been in Vet_tutor since the beginning. Working as a tutor in high school in New England, and a teaching assistant in undergrad at the University of Massachusetts and a teaching assistant through Veterinary School and finally an Associate Professor at a U.S. Veterinary college.
Having worked in veterinary practices from coast to coast Vet_tutor truly has a national perspective.
From training interns to teaching students' classes, board preparation courses and general tutoring Vet-tutor loves to pass on a deep love of science and medicine.

Veterinary medicine
-Boarded specialist and former University Associate Prof.
-Board preparation review courses
-Clinical Instruction
-Medical and surgical with a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology

General Biological sciences
-this is an everyday part of practicing medicine.

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