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Human Physiology Questions
Question 1 Choose all of the following that correctly states how a plasma membrane serves the human cell. Question 1 options: cell membrane and cell wall work together to achieve structural support communication between cells is possible owing to proteins located on the external surface of the membrane proteins in the membrane regulate the movement of dissolved solutes between ICF and ECF a cell membrane promotes the interaction between ICF and ECF by forming a bilayer membrane Question 2 Which of the following correctly characterize properties of a cell membrane? (Choose all that apply) Question 2 options: proteins and phospholipids cannot move in the plasma membrane the fluidity of a cell membrane makes it possible for vesicles inside the cell to fuse with the membranes of the golgi apparatus vesicles inside the cell cannot become part of the plasma membrane cholesterol is a molecule of cell membranes Question 3 Choose all of the following that are characteristics of the organization of membranous organelles of the cell Question 3 options: secretory vesicles may be transported by the cytoskeleton to the location of secretion out of the cell ER and glolgi are organelles that participate in the secretion of glucagon unfinished insulin molecules are synthesized first in the ER all organelles participate in secretion Question 4 Using protein X as an example of a secreted substance, order the following events of protein X secretion beginning with protein X inside the cell...
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