Look around you. No matter where you look, you see life. Grass, trees, a dog on the sidewalk, all are living, biological organisms. Even things you might not think of immediately—Halloween pumpkins displayed on a porch, mushrooms growing in the dirt, germs in the air, even the flu shot you get every winter are (or once were) living organisms governed by the same basic principles.

But what are these principles, and what similarities and differences appear within life on earth between plants, animals, fungi and bacteria? How do we generate knowledge of the life around us? What can science teach us about how our own brains and bodies work? Our tutors have spent their careers responding to questions such as these. The study of life and living bodies is a realm of almost limitless scope and value— and those working in fields related to biology strive every day to answer these questions.

Students in biology and biology-related fields are first and foremost researchers. Whether it be exploring existing knowledge of how plants interact with their environment in a Botany journal or generating new knowledge through experiments related to Animal Physiology, biologists probe questions on how life forms and evolves, and how it structures itself in nature. Biology is one of the few remaining frontiers left for humans to explore—but the answers begging to be discovered are extensive and wide-open. Our tutors have experience working, teaching, and researching in the fields that answer these questions, and are available to assist you with any project, assignment or issue you might encounter.

Studying biology opens a wealth of exciting and rewarding career paths, including fields in molecular biology, ecology, cellular biology, biochemistry, evolutionary studies, genetics, anatomy, zoology, and astrobiology (the study of life on other planets!) Careers that students of biology often pursue, whether they hold a bachelor’s degree or beyond, include diverse opportunities in fields such as lab research, biotechnology, healthcare, environmental management and conservation, forensics, politics and public policy, science writing, and science education at primary, secondary and university levels as well as in museums, zoos, and nature preserves.

At 24HourAnswers.com, our tutors are equipped to assist with any need you might have, whether it's in a general biology class or a more specialized, upper-level course in Animal Embryology or Computational Biology. We have experts in all bio-related subjects standing by ready to provide assistance. We can help you find the perfect tutor for any Biology subject or level to help you complete an assignment, finish a challenging lab report, or complete that final item to earn a degree.

For more information on Biology and its related subtopics, the following resources may be of value:

  • biologyjobs.com, a wonderful database for job seekers and employers in fields related to the biological sciences.
  • Sciencemag.org, made up of materials combining the cutting-edge appeal of popular science with the academic rigor of scholarly backing.
  • EnvironmentalScience.org, a site that explains how to craft an education and career related to issues within natural ecological environments.
  • Botanical Society of America’s career page, which contains profiles of scholars and researchers in the in-demand field of botany.


To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of biology. Our biology tutors can help with all your projects, large or small, and we challenge you to find better biology tutoring anywhere.


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