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Read Tragic Choices: Autism, Measles, and the MMR Vaccine by Matthew P. Rowe and answer:

(i) Question 1 (What should Kristen do?)
(ii) Question 2 (How long does she have to decide?)

Part III
How do you think the public reacted to Wakefield et al.'s findings

Part IV
1. Did Wakefield et al.’s data and interpretations merit the resulting public fear of the MMR vaccine? Why or why not?

2. Design a better study to examine the purported cause and effect relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. Be prepared to discuss the details of your study design.

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Q2: MMR vaccine is administered in two doses, first dose in between 12-15 months and second dose in between 4 to 6 years. As given in Part-1 of article that Kristen have a 14 month old daughter named Alissa, so she have one month time to decide...
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