Terms and Conditions

24HourAnswers.com supports the honor codes of all institutions of learning and provides academic tutoring services, i.e. college homework help, for no other reason than to help students learn. When using our services you agree to use them in a manner consistent with the ethical and moral guidelines of your educational facility, and as such, we forbid the use of our services for any other purpose. Any use of our services in violation of the ethical standards of your college or university could lead to serious probationary or punitive measures by your school.

Students are forbidden to upload to our site any notes, homework, projects, powerpoints, articles, or materials of any kind or type that would carry copyright protections making uploading those materials a violation of copyright laws that might include your school, college, or university, or any other business, agency, or organization. It is the student's responsibility to check and confirm before uploading, as we will assume that anything you upload to our site is clear of any such violations.

24HourAnswers.com does not guarantee that academic tutoring help will be provided for each and every lesson request you submit, nor does it guarantee that it will be provided quickly enough to satisfy the needs of every student. Remember – good teaching often requires preparation, and online tutoring is no exception to that rule.

Many problems in math and science can be solved more than one way. We do not guarantee that the methods used by our tutors will satisfy the expectations or requirements of every teacher/professor/instructor. If you need a specific method to be used, you must make it clear to the tutor when you submit your lesson request.

All users of our service will get a price quote on any new lesson request. After you have received your price quote, you have the option of accepting the quote by authorizing payment. When you authorize a quote, your credit card or PayPal account will be billed one time. All payments made on 24HourAnswers.com are just one time payments, authorized by you, there is no recurring/automated billing. When the tutor finishes assisting you, the lesson request will be closed. You will not be charged for follow-up questions and/or explanations if they are limited in number. Our real-time, online tutoring sessions are both professional and inexpensive.

All materials and live session content provided by us is original and remains the sole property of 24HourAnswers.com; these Terms, should you agree to them, give us exclusive rights to their use. As such, materials you receive from us may not appear anywhere else on the internet at any time, and are provided to you for the sole purpose of helping you learn.

We vet tutors to the best of our ability but make no guarantees about the experience each student will ultimately have with a tutor. As such, you meet with tutors on our platform at your own risk.

If you become aware of any problems with a tutor, you must let us know immediately. While this problem will not be our responsibility, we will work earnestly to resolve the issue. After all, we do want students to have a good experience here at 24HourAnswers.com.