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Prompt: For this writing plan, you will analyze a reading and develop a claim about the intent of that reading. Once your claim is established, you will use examples from the reading to support your claim throughout your writing plan.
A. Determine the author's claim to be addressed in your analysis essay. Your determination of the author's goal must be derived from one of the provided articles.
B. Determine author's key points and rationale that will be helpful in supporting the validity of your claim.
C. Identify the audience that will be reading your essay. What potential challenges will you have supporting your claim with this demographic?
D. Establish your goal that you hope to accomplish with your essay. For example, you may disagree with the author and demonstrate why he or she is incorrect, or you may agree but want to further substantiate his or her claim.
E. Based on your claim, determine potential places where evidence would be most effective. Defend your choices. For example, if you disagree with an author's point you would want to use evidence to support your view.
F. Identify a revision strategy that would be most effective in informing you while writing this essay. Why would this strategy be effective?
G. How will this essay benefit from receiving feedback from an outside party? How can that feedback be integrated?

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The claim made by the author is that, despite the teacher in his French class was highly demanding, obnoxious and made his experience a living nightmare, it was an experience that allowed him to engage with the language. Although in an unorthodox way, the teacher managed to instil the knowledge of the French language into the students, which culminated by the authors realization...

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