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Quality without compromise

Most of the quantitative methods tutors on these pages hold advanced degrees in their fields, many with Ph.D.'s or the equivalent. All quantitative methods applicants must supply academic transcripts for each degree they hold, and are tested and screened carefully by our staff. We’ve also implemented ratings and reviews in order to increase our level of transparency and show you the actual performance of each quantitative methods tutor. It’s real, it’s believable – no shenanigans!

How do I find a quantitative methods tutor?

Usually there is no need to select a quantitative methods tutor because our system will either take your request through a hierarchy of tutors, or make it visible to all of the tutors for that subject area. Of course you’re more than welcome to browse our highly qualified quantitative methods tutors and select one that you personally prefer!

Experts at your disposal

Our tutors have profiles with quite a bit of information in them. You’ll be able to find the subjects that they cover, when they started working with us, the number of their completed sessions, and overall ratings! You can also find quantitative methods tutors’ qualifications and solutions in the Homework Library.

Using our tutor profiles you can submit a request for homework help or a live session directly to a particular quantitative methods tutor.

Can I work with the same quantitative methods tutor again?

Of course! You can submit a request through that tutor’s profile or just type that tutor’s username in the appropriate box when submitting your request.

Need help with Quantitative Methods?

You can send us an email (help@24houranswers.com), get in touch with us over our chat or call us at (845) 429-5025.

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