How To Get The Most Out Of Our Service
How To Get The Most Out Of Our Service
Apr 18, 2015

Every day, new college students try our service. We are grateful to those of you who refer your friends and classmates, and those who arrive here by way of a web search, social media site or online ad. One thing new students may have in common is a feeling of being slightly overwhelmed by their schoolwork and the prospect of finding reliable, high-quality help that is honest and trustworthy. There are many fraudulent services out there, so the wise saying holds true – caveat emptor! 

We've prepared this list based on the most common questions that come through our customer support help desk:

1. Allow enough time

We realize in many cases that it’s not until the very last minute (for example, the night before a homework assignment is due) that you realize you need help from a tutor. However, many tutors are reluctant to accept help requests with a short turnaround time (for example, 12 hours or less) because it simply isn’t enough time to produce the quality work that we demand from out tutors and that our students have come to expect.

The best approach is to submit the help request as soon as you realize you may need assistance, preferably with a deadline at least 24 hours or more from the time you submit the request. Remember, our name “24HourAnswers” means we have tutors available 24 hours a day—not that we necessarily can complete requests within 24 hours.

2. Choose the most accurate subject category

Making sure that all the information is included in your homework help request is critical to getting your request handled by the most qualified tutor. Be certain that the subject area (as well as the subcategory) is correct; if you’re not sure exactly what subcategory to select, reach out to our Customer Support Specialists at or call 845-429-5025.

3. Be as descriptive as possible

When completing the instructions for the help request, take the time to write out a complete set of directions. Simply uploading a file and writing nothing, or providing minimal directions such as “See file” will make it more likely that tutors will pass over your request. Most of our tutors are in high demand and do not want to spend time trying to figure out what is needed, especially if it requires posting back and forth with the student to figure it out. Giving a thorough, complete description of your tutoring request will make it more likely that tutors will understand exactly what is expected and allow them to put a quote on it.

4. Give all instructions up front to avoid delay

Another cause of delays in completing tutoring requests is the student forgetting to include one or more important details. For example, let’s say a student needs help with a research outline but does not specify APA formatting; the tutor could be in the process of finishing the outline with MLA formatting, and just before the work is due, the student informs the tutor that it must be done with APA. Not only does this make extra work for the tutor (and cause extra expense for the student, as this detail was not in the original scope of the request), but it may cause a delay in completing the request. We guarantee on-time solutions, but not in cases where additional directions are given after the request is in progress.

5. Avoid “haggling”

“Haggling” is a term used to describe excessive price negotiations. typically does not post prices for our tutoring services on our website because the cost of a tutoring session depends on many factors such as the level of difficulty and the turnaround time. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that all of our tutors have university degrees in their respective fields of study, therefore our tutors are uniquely qualified (and required by us) to give a custom quote that is both fair and reasonable on each and every incoming request. This is the reason our tutors either don’t negotiate prices or negotiate only to a small degree. If you feel a quote is too high to be reasonable, please let us know. Excessive price negotiations typically results with the tutor releasing the request. So, while we realize many college students are on a budget, keep in mind the saying “You get what you pay for.”

6. Answer all tutor questions promptly

Here is a common problem at our helpdesk: A tutor needs to ask a student a question about the homework help request, but the student takes several hours—or even days—to respond. This may cause the tutor to be unable to continue working on the request until the question is answered, and by the time the tutor receives a response, he may not have enough time to complete the request by the deadline. This results in frustrated tutors and unhappy students.

Please be sure to check your email frequently when you have a request in progress so that you are able to respond quickly if the tutor has posted a question. This will foster a sense of reliable teamwork between you and the tutor and will maximize the chances for successful completion of the work.

7. If you are happy with the results, ask for that tutor again

A large portion of our business comes from return customers and referrals. If you have had a positive experience with a particular tutor, please ask for that tutor again. Make a note of the tutor’s username and enter that username into the appropriate box on the submissions page when sending your next homework help request – your work will go directly to that same tutor. If that tutor is available, the help request will be assigned directly. If the tutor is not available, contact Customer Support and we will be happy to help you find another qualified specialist.

Thanks for reading this! Remember, we want you to have the best possible experience as a customer of Just follow the helpful tips covered here and remember that our Customer Support specialists are always here to assist you at or 845-429-5025. When contacting us, always include the help request number beginning with the letters SR or LR so we can find your work quickly and easily.

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