Online Tutoring Platform Upgrades
Online Tutoring Platform Upgrades
Jun 07, 2021

We continue making improvements on our fully-integrated, state-of-the-art HTML5 online tutoring platform (a.k.a. whiteboard) that supplements the full line of quality educational services being developed here at  Yes, the platform is fast, smooth, and reliable.  But, our developers are making it better month by month.  As we've discovered, bells and whistles are not the answer, as they just tend to eat bandwidth. Good performance centers on focusing available bandwidth toward features that are important to online tutoring.

Our most recent project is centered on convenient rewind capability that allows the student to pinpoint sections of the recorded tutoring session that were of particular interest.  Perhaps the tutor said something that really resonated with the student, or explained something that the student needs to hear again, perhaps more than once.  We always had rewind and fast forward, but without any tracking feature, so it was hit or miss trying to find that one spot of particular interest.  Soon, this problem will be behind us, and students will be able to go to that same spot quickly and easily, as often as they wish.

Our tutoring platform is of course free of annoying border advertisements, ensuring a distraction-free learning environment where the entire computer screen is devoted to learning. Whiteboard speed therefore is far superior to any free tutoring platforms available that are committed to producing revenue with border ads. It's still true that speed can be limited by a slow internet connection and computers at either end that are not performing well. The following items can help ensure the best possible online tutoring experience, so do these things before your first session:

  • run and to make sure you have a good internet connection; both require java
  • perform routine computer maintenance like disk cleanup, disk defragmentation, and scanning for all forms of malware
  • close all other applications; keep open only those applications you need during your tutoring session
  • subscribe to the fastest broadband internet connection available to you

College students who come well prepared for online tutoring will reap maximum benefits, as getting homework help should be neither expensive nor time consuming as long as you've found the right place to get it.

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