Message from a Tutor
Message from a Tutor
Oct 01, 2021

When a student registers for a college class, the goal should be to improve understanding of difficult concepts, to develop new analytical skills, and to expand his or her knowledge base.  No one embarks on a college course with the expectation of failing.  Indeed, we all want to achieve the highest grades we can.  The process of educating ourselves can be likened to chopping down a tree, so let us consider what tools we have in hand for the task.

We have our current knowledge, the expertise of our college lecturers, and the course materials such as lecture notes, textbooks, homework assignments, and exams.  This is almost enough to handle whatever tasks will come our way, but not quite – we will also need to apply ourselves to our studies, in the same way we need to roll up our sleeves and swing the axe to turn that standing tree into logs.

Sometimes a student might find himself in trouble with a project or homework assignment because he is not sure how to express himself or solve a problem in the correct way.  The knowledge required to successfully handle the task may be just above his current level of understanding or experience; if these types of situations build up during the semester, the student may soon begin to feel as if he is drowning in a sea of homework assignments, tasks, deadlines, and those ever-looming examinations.

Any successful college student needs to be able to construct bridges that connect his current knowledge with any new task at hand, and while this process often seems elusive, it lies at the heart of the educational process.  Good students are able to build these bridges quickly and easily, which cuts down on their study time compared to that of less accomplished students.

As a home tutor, I regularly come across parents who remove solutions from the back of textbooks to prevent their children from accessing them during homework.  I remind them that this is futile because their children can easily use a friend’s book to find the solution.  The purpose of studying is to gain knowledge and skills, not to re-invent the wheel.  Effective education teaches students how to study effectively and to strive for better understanding, both of which naturally lead to better grades.

This is the core service that we at provide for a multitude of students worldwide. We provide a 24-hour service that acts as a bridge, connecting a college student’s current knowledge to newly-assigned tasks.  We help them achieve their goals of reaching the opposite bank without having to wade through a murky river of incomprehension.  With our help, college students have extra time to devote to their other studies, helping them achieve all-round academic success.

These days many students have full time jobs and no longer have time to spend their days studying in the traditional manner.  They need an effective support system, and this is one of the reasons our service came into existence. is here to support college students in a way no one else can.

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