4 Time Management Tips for College Students
4 Time Management Tips for College Students
Nov 18, 2020

Whether you're taking college classes in person or online, proper time management is crucial for your success. Incoming freshmen and graduate students alike struggle with time management in college and university settings — so, you're not alone.

How can college students improve their time management skills? Here are several tips to help you learn how to manage your time better in college.

1. Make a Daily and Weekly Schedule

Making both a daily and weekly schedule is incredibly important if you're juggling multiple classes and assignments. 

  • Daily schedules: Make daily schedules to help you break down your workload into manageable chunks. Start by creating a list of tasks you need to complete each day so you can stay on track with your assignments and prevent procrastination.
  • Weekly schedules: Equally important, weekly schedules will give you a wider scope of everything you need to finish in a week. They essentially provide a big picture of what you need to accomplish over several days and let you set realistic expectations for yourself.

Writing down daily and weekly schedules allows you to visualize how you'll tackle your workload. More often than not, you'll be surprised by how much you can get done.


2. Prioritize Your Tasks

When you're responsible for multiple assignments, it can be easy to lose track of due dates and point values. However, prioritizing tasks is key to effective time management in college. As you create your schedule, prioritize your assignments according to due dates, their levels of difficulty and impact on your grades. 

If you're up against a particularly complex assignment, set aside some extra time to work on it earlier in the week. This way, you'll still have time to seek help before the due date if needed.

3. Designate Uninterrupted Work Time

Part of your daily and weekly scheduling should involve creating time blocks to designate uninterrupted work time. Most students do well with chunks of two or three working hours separated by breaks, but how you set up these blocks is an individual preference.

Remember that time blocks need to be distraction-free for maximum efficiency. Turn your phone on silent, refrain from checking social media and create an environment conducive to completing high-quality work.

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

While technology can be a distraction from important work, it also has the potential to become an asset. Here are some ways you can harness technology to help you manage your time:

  • Keep your study sessions on track by using a timer app on your phone.
  • Bookmark websites you frequently use for research or homework help.
  • Download flashcard apps on your phone or desktop.
  • Have a go-to online tutoring source when you need academic help.

Remember that technology can easily become a distraction without a strategy in place — so plan how you'll use it ahead of time.

Ask for Help When You Need It

One of the best tips for time management in college is knowing when to reach out for help when you need it. Schedule an online tutoring session with 24HourAnswers today for expert tutoring help across subjects!

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