3 Ways for Dealing With Stress in College
3 Ways for Dealing With Stress in College
Jan 20, 2021

While college is frequently painted as a time for fun, friends and endless parties, the reality is quite different for most. With new responsibilities and obligations that include balancing class schedules, handling homework, managing student debt and working part-time jobs, college students deal with high levels of stress daily. 

Stress is normal in this type of setting, especially for students in difficult programs. However, most students aren't taught how to manage stress in college before beginning this new chapter of their lives. Handling stress as a college student is crucial for both academic success and personal well-being, and the sooner you learn how to deal with college stress, the more you'll enjoy the experience.

1. Stay Organized

One of the biggest underlying causes of stress in college is a lack of organization and time management skills. Many incoming freshmen aren't prepared for college-level workloads and have a tough time adjusting to new responsibilities. However, staying organized will alleviate a great deal of stress from your life in college. 

To manage your time wisely, buy a weekly planner with enough space to map out your assignments and important deadlines. Choose one with areas for blocks of time you can dedicate specifically to studying. Then, plan activities of lesser importance around those. But remember to give yourself a little wiggle room, especially as you're getting used to the new workload.

2. Take Care of Yourself

With so many moving parts, the life of a college student is often unhealthy. From all-nighters to endless pizza diets, college students tend to cope with stress in unhealthy ways. However, these habits only add to the stress. When you don't get enough sleep, eat poorly or stop exercising, your body's cortisol levels increase — which means you'll feel more tired and anxious.

It's important to establish a self-care routine that keeps you physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. While managing stress in college, you should:

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet.
  • Work daily physical activity into your routine.
  • Keep a clean, sanitary living environment.

Make use of your dining plan's healthier options as well as your institution's recreational facilities — you'll be glad you did!

3. Have a Support System

Having a support system is critical for mental, emotional and even physical stress management in college. Many freshmen begin to feel homesick within the first few weeks of school. They need extra social support as they adjust to a new lifestyle and environment — although stress from a lack of emotional support can affect any student.

While the primary purpose of college is to further your education, make sure you take the time to build a social circle that supports your goals and values. Keep in contact with your family and friends back home regularly, too. With today's technology, staying in touch with loved ones is easier than ever.

Schedule a Tutoring Session

Ask for help when you need it. Your professor won't always be available to answer questions or teach you how to deal with college stress. However, you can take advantage of top-notch tutoring services such as 24HourAnswers. Schedule an online tutoring session with us today.

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