Complete the following multiple-choice questions

1. Which of the following would be coded within the HCPCS Level II series code range of
A. Ambulance ride to an emergency department
B. Artificial kidney machine
C. Commode chair
D. Sterile needle

2. HCPCS Level II drugs are listed mainly in which of the following coding sections?
A. A codes C. J codes
B. F codes D. Q codes

3. HCPCS Level II modifiers may be used with
A. Level I or Level II HCPCS codes. C. CPT codes only.
B. Level I, II, or III HCPCS codes. D. CPT and ICD-9-CM procedure codes.

4. Services like transportation and wheelchairs are reported under
A. ICD-9-CM. C. HCPCS Level I codes.
B. CPT. D. HCPCS Level II E codes.

5. An ambulance picks up a patient at her sister’s house. Which of the following is the correct modifier for this type of service?
A. -H C. -R
B. -P D. -RH

6. The code A4642 is classified under which of the following categories?
A. Drug C. Ambulance service
B. Supply D. Durable medical equipment

7. What is the corresponding HCPCS Level II code for HCPCS Level I code 96360?
A. S9373 C. S9376
B. S9374 D. S9375

8. In what category do you code administration of Procrit if not identified by Levels I or II?
A. A codes C. J codes
B. G codes D. Q codes

9. Which of the following is the HCPCS Level II code for a single-use chemotherapy pump?
A. E0781 C. A9270
B. G0361 D. 99070

10. Which of the following is a true statement about HCPCS Level II supplies?
A. They’re often included within the procedure code.
B. They’re always coded separately.
C. They’re covered under “unlisted” procedure codes.
D. They’re covered under HCPCS Level I.

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1. The answer is option D.
2. The answer is option C.
3. The answer is option A....
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