Using the table in Chapter 1 (pps. 24-25) of the Goldstein text, with GDP as a measure of power and the maps at the front of the book, pick a state and speculate about what coalition might form with sufficient power to oppose a state (that you select) if it becomes aggressive. Please make sure that you focus on a single aggressive state.Try to be as realistic as possible.

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GDP refers to the Gross domestic process which is nothing but the market value of final products produced in a nation. Wall Street finance has a great impact on the GDP of America. This can be stated on the basis of the recent economic crisis and recession where in the fall in the stock market has led to a decrease in the GDP of America as the profits generated from the trading transactions is significantly reduced. So coalition of states in America can lead to several issues with regard to the state of aggressive nature which may result in an imbalance in the GDP....
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