Would international relations operate differently if most world leaders were women?What would be the differences? What evidence (beyond gender stereotyps) supports your answer? You may use as many outside sources as you wish, but make sure that your answer is in your own words.

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Numerous research articles, journals and many other key essential reliable secondary sources present in depth descriptive information in the area of “Would international relations operate differently if most world leaders were women and what would be the differences”. As per the past historical and current data represent that leadership skills, knowledge and abilities of the woman in the area of govern the state, country, politics, economics, socials and other key area of activities that helps to define a success. Numbers of woman leaders Golda Meir, Jiang Qing, Indira Gandhi, Rani Laxmi, Tasu Ciller, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and many other woman leaders have played or are today playing very key essential roles in their respective domain and states that are part of the strong international system. Numerous Stories of 1815 congress of Vienna, Middle of twentieth century wider access of education and information system, 1990s cold war and involvement of the woman in foreign affairs and numbers of awarded ceremony proved the key contribution of the woman in the area of overall development and international relation operation....
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