Some scholars criticize the IMF for imposing harsh terms in its conditionality agreements with poor states. Others applaud the IMF for demanding serious reform before providing financial resources. If you were a third world leader negotiating with the IMF, what kinds of terms would you be willing to agree to, and what terms would you resent? Why?

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Disagreement with IMF
Economic independence of my country should not be impacted by the IMF, whatever may be the situation. Natural resources ownership with the locals should be retained and along with that local tariffs should be imposed. Providing loan by the IMF is needed by the country but terms dictated by the IMF will not be accepted by the country. There should be no interference in the economic and trade policy of the country by the IMF. Over the last few years, international inhabitant’s development has mostly been targeted in Third Globe nations (which often have greater delivery prices than Designed countries). As communities increase in lesser nations, non-urban individuals are rushing to places in a comprehensive city migration that is leading to the development of large shanty areas and slums. A lot of periods there is a obvious difference between First and Third Planets. When referring to the Global Northern and the Global Southern, many of the time the two go side in side. People consult the two as 'Third World/South' and 'First World/ North'; because theoretically the Global Northern is apparently more prosperous and developed, whereas the Global Southern is less developed and frequently more inadequate....
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