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We in the first part of this research work have presented in depth details pertaining to existing situations, thinking process, possible solutions and areas for further research and actions. Carrying forward on the same line in this section let’s have a look at the major points to ponder upon before we move on to details of survey.

• It has been proven beyond doubt and acknowledged by all stakeholders that Psychological issues can have very significant impact when it comes to soccer player’s recovery from game related injuries as well as the trauma of the intensive treatment process that he has to go through time and again.

• Sports medicine professionals or widely called a physiotherapists have been found to be the best options to deliver this treatment to injured soccer players (Arvinen-Barrow, 2009). This has been based on the rationale that they are the one who are in close contact with these players and hence the ideal medium to inform, educate these soccer players in both psychological as well a physical process of injury recovery

• What is interesting to note is the fact that almost all of these physiotherapists have reported that they have been imparted minimal to nil psychological training and techniques. These results in a bottleneck situation where they are the best delivery medium yet they are useless because of being ill trained. A solution to the need of psychological techniques facilitation for recovery process for injured soccer players need to be found out before a significant result from proposed psychological training re-structuring could be expected.

• We in this report would be looking at such issues and take up some of the under-researched issues in these fields and come out with proper solution to address it. This is important not only from the injured soccer player’s recovery perspective but is important from chartered physiotherapist’s perspective. This is so because it would help us understand the areas for future training and testing that these physiotherapists needs to undergo and finally produce a successful result which can be measured and improved upon.

Approach to Research:
We believe this would be the most important section to look at before any of the forthcoming section could be. This is because in this section we in a very brief way discuss the whole structure and approach that we have taken in undertaking this research and coming out with analysis and associated information. To begin with we have designed four areas of concentration to ponder upon in this research. All the four areas are closely related and in fact interrelated....
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