PSC - Islamic Political Thought
Choose one of the early discursive phases we have identified in the historical development of Islamic political thought and discuss the Political Discourse of the phase you have chosen in terms of the nature, method and aims of government. 1000 words.

Phase VI: Political Discourse of the Post-Abbasid Era: Origins of Puritanism and Fundamentalism
Rosenthal, pp.51-62 (Ibn-Taymiyya)

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Islamic political thought has been to very great extent discussed only after the flight of Muhammad to medina in ad 622 which was the beginning of the Muslim calendar. This forced the Arabs into a new unity. The dictates of Islam were widely quoted in the Quran which formed the base of the political thoughts of the Islamic brotherhood and played a very important role in shaping the political philosophy of Islam.

The religion was so forceful that it spread far and wide and led to military conquests and the acceptance of the Islam brotherhood as being something unique and different.

Muhammad considered to be the messenger of God recited the verses of God and was influenced by the Arab tribal customs, Judaism and Christianly .this brought in a new community oneness and a very powerful brotherhood. The new political thought was named Shari’a which was the law of morals, law,, ethics ,religious beliefs and every other social code of conduct....
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