Read A Little Logic, Appendix B & Appendix C within the Encountering the Real: Faith and Philosophical Enquiry text and analyze how you think and construct arguments in your daily life. Compare how you assert certain views with the examples within the reading (select 3 types of examples from Appendix C – Common Informal Fallacies that you use and how you can correct). Write 2-4 pages on this topic.

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In daily conversations, individuals engage in arguments that mostly consist of deductive logic arguments. Unlike social conversations where meaning is drawn from the context, moods and attitude of the speaker, in a deductive argument, the validity of a statement is measured by the truth or falseness of its central premises. Philosophy contains ideas, grand theories, opinions and writings presented in the best possible way so as to explain to the third party the actual meaning of a context. Therefore, when holding a logical debate on certain concepts, the speakers seek to present the most valid and logic argument, which is feasible using the universal knowledge.
As such, individuals engage in logical deductive argument especially in corporate interactions. To ensure the validity of the conversation, the listener examines the premises of the argument to ensure that the understood meaning was the intended and has lower redundancy. In the deductive argument, a statement is either true or false depending on the honesty of its premises. A statement might be valid using the logical deduction approach but remain untrue. Deductive arguments thrive on the empirical correlations between the central premises and the conclusions; if A is B, then B is A....
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