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Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 1 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best answer. 1. An Excel _____ allows data to be summarized and charted easily. a. worksheet b. format c. display d. table 2. The _____ box displays the active cell reference. a. Cell b. Worksheet c. Formula d. Name 3. When you begin typing a cell entry, Excel displays two additional boxes in the formula bar: _____. a. the Cell box and the Tab box b. the Next box and the Previous box c. the Cancel box and the Enter box d. the Font box and the Style box 4. The _____ feature of Excel works behind the scenes, correcting common mistakes when you complete a text entry in a cell. a. AutoRepair b. AutoCorrect c. AutoCalculate d. AutoCheck 5. When you enter numeric data in a cell, Excel recognizes the values as numbers and _____ the values. a. right-aligns b. left-aligns c. centers d. justifies 6. A _____ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells. a. key b. split c. merge d. range 7. A preceding _____ alerts Excel that you are entering a formula or function and not text. a. equal sign b. plus sign c. apostrophe d. comma 8. Font size is gauged by a measurement system called _____. a. properties b. picas c. pixels d. points 9. In _____ mode, as you type a character, Excel inserts the character and moves all characters to the right of the typed character one position to the right. a. Cell editing b. Push Right c. Insert d. Overtype 10. The _____ command on the Clear menu is the only command that clears both the cell entry and the cell formatting. a. Remove Formats b. Clear All c. Undo d. Erase Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 1 – Short Answer Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. A(n) _______________ conveys a visual representation of data. 2. A(n) _______________ document includes a needs statement, a source of data, a summary of calculations, and any other special requirements for the worksheet, such as charting and web support. 3. _______________ typically contain descriptive information about items in rows or contain information that helps to group the data in the worksheet. 4. The _______________ function adds all the numbers in a range of cells. 5. The _______________ is the small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around the active cell. 6. _______________ text has a darker appearance than normal text. 7. A(n) _______________ chart compares data from three columns and/or rows in a threedimensional manner. 8. A pie chart with one or more slices offset is referred to as a(n) _______________ pie chart. 9. Excel helps you organize and identify your files by using _______________, which are the details about a file such as the project author, title, and subject. 10. You easily can obtain a total, an average, or other information about the numbers in a range by using the _______________ area on the status bar. Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 1 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. 1. The easiest way to select a cell (make it active) is to tap it or use the mouse to move the block plus sign pointer to the cell and then click. T F 2. A number can contain only the following characters: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. T F 3. The cell being copied is called the source area or copy area. T F 4. You merge a worksheet to emphasize certain entries and make the worksheet easier to read and understand. T F 5. Common font faces include regular, bold, underline, and italic. T F 6. Splitting cells involves creating a single cell by combining two or more selected cells. T F 7. To select any cell, tap or click the Name box and enter the cell reference of the cell you want to select. T F 8. Line charts show the contribution of each piece of data to the whole, or total, of the data. T F 9. The sheet tabs at the bottom of the window allow you to view any worksheet in the workbook. T F 10. Pages printed in portrait orientation have the short (8½") edge at the top of the printout; the printed page is taller than it is wide. T F Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 2 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best answer. 1. A formula in a cell that contains a reference back to itself is called a(n) _____ reference. a. relative b. floating c. indirect d. circular 2. If the following arithmetic operations all are found in a formula with no parentheses, which one is completed last? a. + b. * c. / d. ^ ] 3. When you copy a formula with a relative cell reference down a column, _____. a. the row references change in the formula b. the column references change in the formula c. no references are changed in the formula d. the cell reference of the formula remains the same 4. The _____ function is used to determine the lowest number in a given range. a. SMALL b. LOW c. MIN d. NUM 5. To assign a dollar sign to appear immediately to the left of the first digit with no spaces, use a _____ dollar sign. a. fixed b. floating c. comma style d. currency style 6. Which of the following is a valid conditional formatting operator found in the New Formatting Rule dialog box? a. Inside b. More c. Outside d. Greater than 7. A dot on the screen that contains a color is called a _____. a. point b. pixel c. pica d. character 8. Excel includes a(n) _____ you can use to check a worksheet for spelling errors. a. thesaurus b. cell reviewer c. spell checker d. autofix 9. A(n) _____ is text and graphics that print at the bottom of each page. a. caption b. footer c. margin d. subscript 10. The _____ version of a worksheet shows the results of formulas. a. values b. results c. formulas d. calculations Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 2 – Short Answer Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. A(n) _______________ is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel. 2. A(n) _______________ alerts Excel that you are entering a formula or function and not text. 3. The order in which calculations are performed in a formula is called the _______________. 4. _______________ allows you to select cells for use in a formula by using the mouse. 5. Excel includes a function called the _______________ function that displays the highest value in a range. 6. The _______________ function sums the numbers in a specified range and then divides the sum by the number of cells with numeric values in the range. 7. _______________ checks which cells are referenced in the formula assigned to the active cell. 8. _______________ means that the width of the column will be increased or decreased so that the widest entry will fit in the column. 9. _______________ view allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format. 10. _______________ is the process of finding and correcting errors in the worksheet. Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 2 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. 1. Because the most common error when entering a formula is to reference the wrong cell in a formula mistakenly, Excel colors the borders of the cells referenced in the formula. T F 2. In the formula =4 * 6 – 8, the subtraction operation (–) is completed before the multiplication operation (*). T F 3. The order of operations is from right to left. T F 4. When an error occurs in a formula in a cell, Excel displays the Trace Error button next to the cell and identifies the cell with the error by placing a green triangle in the upper left of the cell. T F 5. Using the Sum menu allows you to enter one of five often-used functions easily into a cell, without having to memorize its name or the required arguments. T F 6. When you tap or click the ‘Decrease Font Size’ button, Excel assigns the next lowest font size in the Font Size gallery to the selected range. T F 7. Knowing how people perceive colors helps you emphasize parts of your worksheet. Cooler colors (blue, green, and violet) tend to reach toward the reader. Warmer colors (red and orange) tend to pull away from the reader. T F 8. You cannot format an entire column at once. T F 9. Hiding cells is a technique you can use to hide data that might not be relevant to a particular report or sensitive data that you do not want others to see. T F 10. Margins are those portions of a printed page outside the main body of the printed document and always are blank when printed. T F Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 3 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best answer. 1. _____ are values in cells that you can change to determine new values for formulas. a. Goal seekers b. Sparklines c. Assumptions d. NOW functions 2. The _____ is a temporary storage area in the computer’s memory that allows you to collect text and graphics from an Office document and then paste them into almost any other type of document. a. Office Clipboard b. live preview c. Format Painter d. NOW function 3. Valid format symbols include all of the following EXCEPT _____. a. $ b. , c. % d. + 4. A _____ shows the date a workbook, report, or other document was created or the time period it represents. a. date stamp b. system stamp c. date formatter d. date marker 5. A formula using the _____ cell reference B4 instructs Excel to adjust the cell reference as it copies it to the destination area. e. mixed f. invalid g. relative h. absolute 6. Excel displays the error message _____ in cells that are not wide enough to display entire entry. a. #VALUE! b. ##### c. #NUM! d. #REF! 7. An Excel _____ chart provides a simple way to show trends and variations in a range of data within a single cell. a. sparkline b. clustered column c. pie d. bar 8. The _____ feature evaluates the selected data and makes suggestions regarding which chart types will provide the most suitable representation. a. NOW b. Recommended Charts c. thumbnail d. Greater than 9. When you _____ a worksheet, Excel enlarges the view of the characters on the screen, but displays fewer columns and rows. a. explode b. freeze c. magnify d. zoom out 10. When working with a large worksheet, you can split the window into two or four _____ to view different parts of the worksheet at the same time. a. workbooks b. previews c. thumbnails d. panes Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 3 – Short Answer Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. After you tap or click the Paste button, Excel immediately displays the _______________ button. 2. Using touch or the mouse to move or copy cells is called _______________. 3. If you insert a single row by using the Insert command on the shortcut menu, you can continue inserting rows by repeatedly press the _______________ key. 4. When assigned to a cell, the _______________ function returns a number that corresponds to the system date and time beginning with December 31, 1899. 5. A formula using a(n) _______________ cell reference instructs Excel to keep the cell reference constant in the formula as it copies it to the destination area. 6. In Excel, you can use the _______________ function when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test. 7. You can magnify or shrink the appearance of a worksheet or chart by using the _______________ button on the VIEW tab. 8. Excel allows you to _______________ columns and rows, so that Excel displays their content on the screen, no matter how far down or to the right you scroll. 9. Using Excel to scrutinize the impact of changing values in cells that are referenced by a formula in another cell is called _______________ analysis or sensitivity analysis. 10. If you know the result you want a formula to produce, you can use _______________ to determine the value of a cell on which the formula depends. Microsoft Office 2013: Excel Chapter 3 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. 1. Excel allows you to rotate text in a cell counterclockwise by entering a number between 1° and 90°. T F 2. If you drag the fill handle to the left or up, Excel will decrement the series. T F 3. When you move or copy a cell, the data in the original location is cleared and the format of the cell is reset to the default. T F 4. Excel displays the error message #NULL! to indicate a cell reference error. T F 5. The NOW function is an example of a volatile function. T F 6. B$4 is an example of a relative cell reference. T F 7. A nested IF function is one in which the action to be taken for the true or false case includes yet another IF function. T F 8. Using the format painter, you can format a cell quickly by copying a cell’s format to another cell or a range of cells. T F 9. Unless you first select a range of cells or an object before starting the spell checker, Excel checks the entire selected worksheet, including all cell values, cell comments, embedded charts, text boxes, buttons, and headers and footers. T F 10. Magnifying or shrinking a worksheet changes both the window size and printout of the worksheet. T F

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Question 1: The answer is option a.
Question 2: The answer is option d.
Question 3: The answer is option c.
Question 4: The answer is option b.
Question 5: The answer is option a.
Question 6: The answer is option d.
Question 7: The answer is option a.
Question 8: The answer is option d.
Question 9: The answer is option c.
Question 10: The answer is option b.
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