Special Assessment 1
Key to a business letter that will be saved in four file formats.
1. Have your Business Letter handout to refer to the while setting up the letter.
2. You are required to type a business letter using full block style with mixed or 2-pt punctuation.
3. Use the current date and an appropriate salutation and complimentary closing.
4. The third paragraph that explains the hike to Mt. Albert Edward will need indents of .5" from both the left and the right margin and justify alignment applied to distribute your text evenly between the margins.
5. Proofread your work carefully.
6. Save the letter with in four different formats:
o Word 2013 document
o Word 97-2003 document
o Plain text file
o PDF format.
Letter Information
The letter is to be sent to the attention of Mr. Kevin M. Stanley. The address is Stanley, Smith, and Associates, 566 West Athabasca Way, Calgary, AB T8C 6W5. You are the one sending this letter. Include an appropriate subject line. The paragraphs are as follows:
Thank you for your interest in our company getaway trips. We offer trips for various levels of experience, and we hope that some will be appropriate for you. I'll enclose our recent brochure that identifies the company trips scheduled for this summer.
Special interest might be our newest trip scheduled for August 15-17:
A three-day overnight trip to hike Mt. Albert Edward in Strathcona Park. Camp will be set up at Circlet Lake, which will enable a hike to the summit on the second day. Meals, tent, and guide will be provided. You will need to have a pack with your clothes, sleeping bag, and any personal items.
Please contact me if your company wishes to sign up for any of the hikes. We have great expectations of clear, sunny days for our trips!

Special Assessment 2
Using your Business Letter Handout or Pitman Office Handbook/Gregg Reference Manual; write a letter to your instructor identifying the basic parts of a business letter. Your inside address should be the correct address for your instructor's institution. (check institutions website) You are the sender, use appropriate complimentary closing.

Assessment 9.6 Create an Invitation
1. Create the company annual picnic invitation with the following specifications:
a. Search for and download the company picnic invitation flyer shown in the figure.
b. Edit the information so it displays as shown in the figure. (Type your first and last names in place of Student Name located near the bottom of the invitation.)
c. Insert the page border with the following specifications:
Use the border style third from the bottom in the Style list box.
Change the line width to 4¹/2 points.
Change the color to Blue, Accent 1 (fifth column, first row in the Theme Colors section
2. Save the completed invitation

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Dear Ms. Wyatt:

You have informed me you wanted to learn about the parts of a business letter. There are many styles on how to write one but they have many things in common including:

The date which needs the month day and year format looking like: month day, year. Be sure to space about 2” down after the date.

The inside address which has the title (such as Mr., Ms, Mrs, etc), name, and address information.

The salutation which consists of an open greeting (such as Dear) with the title and...

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