SPECIAL ASSESSMENT 1 - Page Business Letter
Review the material on subject lines and two-page letters covered in the Business Letter handout before completing this Special Assessment 1. You are required to type a two-page Business Letter using full block style with two-point punctuation.
1. Open a blank WORD document
2. Read the letter information below.
3. Include the company name in the closing area in this letter.
4. Insert professional looking bullets where indicated against the left margin.
5. The short table should be typed using three appropriate tabs (left tabs for the text columns and right or decimal tab for the money). The tabs should be set so that there is even white space at the left and right margins and approx .. 5" between the columns.
6. The paragraphs are provided; you must provide the required business letter parts.
7. Since the letter is too long to fit on one page1 a header must be included; refer to the Business Letter handout for the second-page header format. Make sure that the page number is inserted using the Insert Page Number feature.
8. Proofread for typing errors.

Letter Information
This letter is being sent to Mr. Brian Sutton, 5110 Third Avenue, Victoria, BC V9K 7L2. You are typing this letter for the signature of Mario Perrelli, President. Include the company name Skyhawk Shipyards and Marine Supply in the proper location in the closing area (all caps and one blank line below the complimentary closing line). Refer to the Company Signature Line additional learning in the Unit 2 Performance Assessments content page. Include the following subject line in the right location: Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Letter Paragraphs:
You are invited to the 20xx {use current year} annual meeting of the stockholders of Skyhawk Shipyards and Marine Supply, which will be held Tuesday, December 14 20xx {use current year}, at 9:30 a.m. at the corporate headquarters. The enclosed Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders and proxy statement contain the matters to be considered and acted upon at the meeting. Please read these materials carefully. The three matters scheduled for consideration at the meeting are as follows:
 The election of directors
 The ratification of independent auditors
 Major capital expenditures decisions
The capital items requiring budget priority and the dates they are required are detailed here:
{use next year's date}
Speedboat February    20xx    $26,500
Office upgrades May   20xx    $112,000
New computers June 20xx    $7,200
We have had an exciting and profitable year. We achieved a higher profit margin than originally predicted, and sales in the last quarter have continued to rise. New saving measures have been implemented; many of them were a direct result of staff suggestions made during the annual employee retreat weekend at the beginning of last summer. The annual report and corporate newsletter have been developed by the office personnel following the desktop publishing training that they received during the summer months. We will still send publications outside for printing, but the majority of the development will occur in the office. I hope you will be able to attend the meeting, which will be held at 539 Industrial Way in Prince George. If you cannot attend, please identify a proxy by completing and returning the enclosed proxy form in the return envelope provided.

SPECIAL ASSESSMENT 2 – Business Memorandum
Review the material covering business memos in the Memorandum handout. The memo includes the use of multi-level numbering, which is explained in the ADDITIONAL LEARNING section of the Unit 2 performance Assessment content page.
You are required to type a memorandum and include multi-level numbering:
1. Open a blank WORD document.
2. Read the memo content below.
3. The paragraphs are provided; you must provide the required business memo parts.
4. Proofread for spelling, formatting, and keying errors.

Memo Information
This memo is being sent to All Staff. You are typing this memo for Mario Perrelli, President. Include the following subject line at the right location: Committee Volunteers Required
Memo paragraphs:
Our annual stockholders meeting will be occurring in a couple of weeks. There are a few committees that still need volunteers in order to finish the required arrangements. If you can help, please contact one of the following committee heads to let them know you are available.
1) Tracy Lock, Local 753
a) Decorating on Thursday b) Clean-up crew on Sunday
2) Sally Singleton, Local 159
a) Catering Services
i) Food servers
ii) Will require people with Food Safe for preparation of food plates
3) Lucy Lucinsky, Local 357
a) Attendee Services
i) Organize Name tags
ii) Greeting table
All work is done on company time. Your team spirit will help to make this a successful event!

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Mr. Brian Sutton
5110 Third Avenue
Victoria, BC V9K 7L2.

Subject: Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Dear Mr. Sutton,

You are invited to the 2016 annual meeting of the stockholders of Skyhawk Shipyards and Marine Supply, which will be held Tuesday, December 14, YYYY


TO: All Staff.

FROM: [name], President.



Our annual stockholders meeting will...

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