Special Assessment
You are creating a poster.
1. Use a black font and one colour font; use a sans serif type of font but make sure that it is easy to read!
2. Vary the number of blank lines between the various parts of the poster to emphasize some of the text; an example is to have more blank space before and after the name of the seminar so that it stands out. The name of the seminar should also have a larger font than the rest of the poster so that the name is emphasized.
3. Use bullets where indicated (Increase Indent button is needed to move the bullets to the right).
4. Center most of the lines on the poster, but use right align for the last four lines.
5. Center the poster vertically on the page using the Page Setup dialog box with the Layout tab.
6. Include an attractive page border.
7. This is a draft copy, so include DRAFT as a watermark; the watermark would be removed once the poster has been approved by the office manager.
8. Proofread for spelling and typing errors.
9. Save your work.
Poster Content:

WorldWide Travel Association®
Wednesday, March 25, 2010
7 to 9 p.m.
At the
Island Coastal Hotel
Monarch Ballroom
Learn about membership benefits:
• Travel discounts
• Travel accessories
• Travel accident insurance
• Family plans
• Accommodation
• Car rentals
Further information:
Your name

Special Assessment 2
You are required to key a business letter using the formatting techniques that you have learned in your course work.
1. Have your Business Letter handout to refer to the while setting up the letter.
2. You are required to type a business letter using full block style with mixed or 2-pt punctuation.
3. Use the current date and an appropriate salutation and complimentary closing, as well as other necessary business letter parts.
4. The list of degrees with the corresponding degree abbreviations should be placed 1.5 inch from the left and the right margins. Use a left-align tab for the first column with the degree names; use a right-align tab for the degree abbreviations and include dot leaders before the degree abbreviations.
5. One thing to note is that since the letter is being sent by you (you have typed the letter and will sign the letter), you won't need reference initials.
6. Proofread your work carefully.
7. Save your work

Letter Information
The letter is to be sent to Gleneagle Promotion Specialists, 2335 Forrest Hill Way, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5. The letter is being sent by you (your name will be the typed signature line). The paragraphs are as follows:
Your phone call of March 1 requested a list of the accepted degree abbreviations that are in use at our institution. Here are the ones that I could immediately list for you:

Bachelor of Science                      B.S.
Master of Science                             M.S.
Master of Arts                                      M.A.
Associate of Science                      A.S.
Master of Business Administration     M.B.A.
Doctor of Philosophy                      Ph.D.
Registered Nurse                             R.N.
Doctor of Medicine                             M.D.
Doctor of Education                      Ed.D.
Doctor of Dental Science              D.D.S.
Doctor of Divinity                             D.D.

How are you going to paint a picture of the “new” you?
What are you going to highlight about your past experience that ties directly to your current objectives?
What accomplishments, skills, and qualifications are you going to “sell” in your résumé to support your “new” career objective?
Which résumé format are you going to use?
Is a chronological, functional, or hybrid résumé format going to work best for you?
Which format will give you the greatest flexibility to highlight the skills you want to bring to the forefront in support of your career change?
Where are you going to look for a job? Assuming you know the type of position and industry you want to enter at this point in your career, how are you going to identify and approach those companies?

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Your phone call from MM D requested a list of the accepted degree

The fact you are seeking to change careers will dictate almost everything that you write in your résumé, how you write it, and where it is positioned. Your goal is to paint a picture of the “new” you and not simply reiterate what you have done in the past, expecting a prospective employer to figure out that -you can do the “new” thing just as well. If you fall into the career-changer category, the critical questions you must ask...

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