Online Professional Presence - Discussion
All of the information that is available on the internet about you can be used to help form or destroy your professional presence. It may be something that you have entered yourself or a friend or family member has posted on a social networking website. Even pictures can damage your professional presence if not closely monitored. Are you aware of all of the information that is "out there" about you?
Discuss at least two ways that you can help to control what information is readily available about you to anyone, including employers on the internet.

Assignment Professional Presence
Social and behavioral intelligence is crucial to presenting yourself as a professional and collaborating successfully with your peers and supervisors. In the previous units, you explored and learned about what defines a professional presence. You reflected on your own current professional image and where growth and change would strengthen it.
In this Assignment, you will create a standard PowerPoint presentation representing yourself as a professional. Be sure to reflect on what you have learned thus far in the course as you complete this Assignment. Instructions for creating a PowerPoint are listed in the Unit 5 Learning Activities as well as below.
PowerPoint Basics
Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Your PowerPoint presentation should include a total of five slides using the following format:
• Slide 1: Cover page that includes assignment title, your name, course, section number, and date.
• Slide 2: Introduction—who you are and your chosen professional field.
• Slide 3: A brief overview of how you perceive yourself professionally. You may include a photo.
• Slide 4: A description of attributes which contribute to professionalism in your chosen field such as professional attire, communication, and behavior.
• Slide 5: Cite all sources you have used.

Food Science - Discussion Bachelor’s Capstone in Nutrition Science
Food Science For Everyone
Your posts should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the Discussion. You may view the Student Guide to Online Communication located in the Academic Tools tab above for additional information.
How important is food science research to the average consumer? In at least 150 words, discuss a specific area of food science that you have learned about in your courses at Kaplan.

Assignment: Interpreting Food Science Information
View an introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
• Explain how to interpret food science information to consumers.
Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:
Evaluate an individual’s nutritional status using appropriate clinical assessment strategies and interpret food science information appropriate to consumer needs.
For this Assignment, you are going to focus on now to interpret food science information for your chosen Capstone Project population. Please address the following:
• Which area of food science would you need to make sure your population understands?
• Why is this area of food science important to this population?
• Discuss in detail how you would explain this food science information to them.

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Ways to Control Information That Is Readily Available About You Online
Information security is one of the 21st century’s prime interest both by the private as well as the cooperate world. This has become a necessity owing to the paradigm shift from the former state where physical assets were the Centre of attention. To either a company or an individual, the personal information accessible to the public may cause either a positive or a negative consequence. Following this, there is need for awareness on how one may control the information available about them in the online platforms.
To begin with, one should ensure that they use a strong password on their online platforms. In this regard, it is appreciable to note that the account hacking is real in light of the current advanced technology (Kaynama and Black, 2000). Weak passwords get easily compromised by hackers who end up posting disgracing information and pictures on one’s social sites. In order to enhance one's password strength, a mixture of characters ranging from figures...

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