Questions for discussion
1. Which nations or world regions do you think are best-prepared to prosper in a global economy? Why?
2. Is it an overstatement to claim that the discipline of public relations can play a central role in facilitating global commerce and exchange? Explain your answer.
3. What steps might a public relations practitioner take to distinguish himself or herself as an international PR specialist?

Book: Global Public Relations - Spanning borders, spanning cultures
by Alan R. Freitag and Ashli Quesinberry Stokes

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1. Which nations or world regions do you think are best-prepared to prosper in a global economy? Why?
The global economy calls for a lot of collectivism through teamwork and collaboration. In the global economy scene, the world is often argued to have been flattened hence it calls for an interaction that is integrative in a way. Based on chapter one of the reading, the Westerners are often very individualistic while the Asians largely embrace collectivism through cultural influences. The chapter further explains that the Westerners, through their individualistic perspectives prefer individual businesses and individual ownership of property while the Asians prefer integration and corporation (p. 4).
Working cooperatively is one of the characteristics of global economy where different countries and regions will have to collaborate in coming up with economic regulations to be shared among them. With an open mind to embracing integration and cooperation, the countries from the Asian region appear to be best prepared for prosperity in a global economy....

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