Global Health Revolutionary TED Talk
View the video where Dr. Vanessa Kerry addresses some important global health concerns in her TED Talk titled, "Global Healthcare Revolutionary". She poses some questions like: If training new doctors and nurses in resource-limited countries cure more than people? With all the investments made in global health over the last decade, why are we still struggling to deliver care? Do we in fact have the model right?
Beyond infrastructure and medicines, she notes that we need people to build sustainable robust country-led health systems. We can change the status quo by creating a pipeline of highly trained health professionals who will train generations to come. Seed Global Health partners with the Peace Corps to pair US clinicians with public sector teaching institutions in resource poor countries to help nurture the future caregivers and educators in these countries of great need.
Some questions that you must answer in your discussion board post:
• What are your thoughts on this TED Talk by Dr. Vanessa Kerry?
• This TED Talk is from 2013, are the issues she notes in her Talk still issues now regarding health on a global scale (Support your answer with credible research)?
• Does Seed Global Health still exist? Is (or was) Seed Global Health an effective approach?
Take the time to do some research on your own to support the ideas you note in your discussion board assignment. You must reference the sources you use at the end of your post following an APA format

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Global Health Revolutionary Ted Talk
The TED Talk by Dr. Vanessa Kerry provides a vivid outlook on one of the main challenges facing the global healthcare system. Rising healthcare costs are already a major challenge in the global healthcare system. Nonetheless, there are much larger issues with adequate health professionals. Kerry identifies this challenge by focusing on the gap in terms of training new health professionals, especially for resource-limited countries (TEDxBoston, 2013). She acknowledges that government and the private sectors have invested increasingly...

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