Write a diary entry from a cloth merchant's perspective in Ghent during 1350.
It can be a normal day or a historical event as long as it is accurate.

The diary should be at least 1400 words in length (~200 words for each entry).
It should resemble as far as possible a historical diary. You may wish to examine examples of historical diaries or journals available online to familiarize yourself with the style of writing a diary.

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Ghent Merchant Diary

I am a cloth Merchant, from my little life to the big trader I am, I still have a thing for profits. To my heart, money reproduction defines a man. In addition, according to my navy father, Kingdom dressing, wealth, and merchandise always marked prosperity and resilience.

Therefore, when I decide to take a tour in France, it is partially professional and an undoing passion.
It is for his passion that my diary is a bracket tool. I record everything, for my documents are not for a passion but a proof of my adventure in abundance.
For clearance, cloth is my gem.


Today I have an invite from the country of Flanders, to which I must attend to market my new cotton design. In my bag, I have varieties to fit the Ghent, Bruges, and Ypres.
I have to walk past the Scheldt River to meet my esteemed client, and the host of the feast (Costume History).

Near the Kingdom, I go past the Ghent army marching towards the river dawn and we exchange greeting in honor and the name of the emperor.
Practically, speaking the hills in the valleys are the most beautiful of my life, I am tempted to rest, but the feast cannot wait. The emperor hates to wait and I must show good honor of the land...

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