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A national retail chain has launched its first store in ABC location with a lot of media publicity. The manager wants to ensure that the customer-service is excellent. He wants to plan for adequate capacity in the supermarket store. A simple depiction of the process is as follows: He proposes the following capacity: Total number of customers in the store: Any number of customers at any time Number of billing counters: 2 Number of gift counters: 1 (All customers get a gift) As part of his planning, the manager estimates the following data (all figures are “per customer”): 1. Expected time to shop and fill a trolley: 25 minutes 2. Expected time for billing: 8 minutes 3. Expected time to collect the gift: 3 minutes The store is to be open from 8 AM to 10 PM. Based on the market research data, the number of walk-ins (customers) expected are as follows: St time End time Walk-ins 8 9 8 9 10 10 10 11 15 11 12 18 12 13 22 13 14 24 14 15 15 15 16 12 16 17 10 17 18 16 18 19 19 Start, pick up a trolley at the entrance Do the shopping, fill the trolley Billing Collect the gift Exit 25 min 8 min 3 min 19 20 24 20 21 18 21 22 10 Assume that all handling times are fixed. There is no variation. Also assume that the arrival pattern of customers is exactly uniform within each hour. For example, if the number of customers in an hour is 10, then the gap between two customers is exactly 6 minutes. Part of your project is to create a program using any language which can answer the below to the Manager: • Program should take the data file (for eg the Above Table for customer arrivals per hour) as input from Manager. Program should be capable of taking 10000+ records from excel/csv/txt (any one of type from these types) file as data input and should not fail. • After the data stored/uploaded into the program, Managers who oversee queuing systems are mainly concerned with two measures of performance. Your Program should calculate the followings – How many customers typically are waiting in the queuing system? – How long do these customers typically have to wait? • Manager can manipulate the Register/Billing Counter Numbers from the User Interface to see the different Wait time of customers by adding/removing the Register/Billing Counters. Program should be able to take Register/Billing Counters as an input and show the results to manager how adding one more register/billing counter can help reducing the waiting line and waiting time. Plotting A graph with Different input of registers is must for visual representation. • How many trolleys are needed in the store so that no customer has to wait for a trolley? • When will the store finish the day? Note: The above data is very small, He needs some kind of software which can handle thousands of record.

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