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The student is to be assigned/select a Cabinet Department of New Jersey State Government. The Department is to be researched to provide its mission, table of organization, number of employees, services provided, budget appropriation, current goals, past achievements, history of origin, and accomplishments. a research paper is to be prepared and the student is to present their research. At the time of the presentation, the student is expected to submit a three to five page research paper.

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The New Jersey Turnpike Authority

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is a by-product of The New Jersey Turnpike Authority Act of 1948. The said act established the Authority as a corporate entity to give the agency the means to operate and manage the administrative processes through the domain and oversight of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (1). This post World War II endeavor provided the transportation needs necessary to thwart growth and development along the northeast corridor of the United States of American (2). The Post World War II period, directly following the war effort led to an immediate need for an interchange between New York, New Jersey and Delaware. The said roadway/exchange would provide quick access from one state to the other (3). The project by no means was a simple project in nature as the expertise to successfully create such a project would be a challenge as well as encumbering the monies to finance such a project....
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