You will have to identify and research a MIS system that is currently used in Public Administration, Business, Academia, Government, Military, Health care, nonprofit areas.
Create 1500 word research paper using MLA format and 10 to 12 slide PowerPoint presentation.

Project should include
1.Name of the organization
2.Introduction - Introduce the MIS System
3.Brief History & Background of the organiztion or business
4.Name of the Current System
5.List and describe the IT Infrastructure that supports the system, Hardware Software, People, Procedures
6.Major applications and uses
7.Benefits and cost savings
8.Who uses the system ?
9.What are the inputs, Outputs from the system?
10.Are there any Intranets & Extranets
11.Business Intelligence , DSS, TPS, ESS
12.How difficult was the implementations
13.Overall success or faIlure of the system

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Management Information Systems (MIS) assist organizations in integrating people, technology and resources to facilitate strategic and operational activities to make certain that the given organization of record is operating efficiently, from its’ investment in equipment, personnel and business related processes (1). The distinct purpose of such a system is to analyze the cost effectiveness of the day to day processes, protocols and procedures which are utilized to produce revenues and to justify expenditures utilized on a daily basis to achieve the goals and objectives of a given organization. The said tenets and motives is what caused the Broward County School District of Fort Lauderdale Florida to implement BRITE in August of 2005 and to continue its’ implementation currently (2). The backbone of the Management Information Process is to stimulate continued growth and development on behalf of the organization of record (4). Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and (IT) Directors are typically the major players within an organization who approves and decide the feasibility of such management information systems in meeting the prescriptive needs of the organization and/or business of record (5). The Broward County School District utilized the major players in senior management, which included but was not limited to the CIO, the CTO and the multiple ITs to work out kinks and logistics of selected functions prior to the piloting and the full...
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