The Arrangement of the Contents of the Project Paper
All project papers should be divided into appropriate chapters. The onus is on the students to provide a well-organized and well-written work. The following ordered list of project paper contents is supposed to serve as a guide.
List of Sections
a. Preliminary pages
i. Title Page
ii. Table of Contents-
iii. Acknowledgements - optional
iv. Declaration
b. Text
i. Chapter One: Introduction
ii. Chapter Two: Literature Review
iii. Chapter Three: Research Design and Methodology
iv. Chapter Four: Analysis and Interpretation of Data
v. Chapter Five: Conclusions, Observations and Recommendations
1. Introduction
a. Description of the problem(s) to be addressed (Research Questions; Hypothesis)
b. How your project will solve the problem (Research Objectives).
c. Specific expected outcomes.
d. Initial assumptions made about your project.
e. Project limitations.
2. Literature Review
It means some theoretical justifications for the project. This should include a literature references to support the process, validity, and value of your project (from 10 to 12 pages). For example, if you are doing a project to introduce social entrepreneurship in the public, then this section would provide a literature review describing what is social entrepreneurship, what are different theories of it which have been described by other researchers in different articles or books and why social entrepreneurship is valuable to economic development and/or business creation in a country. Whatever you include it should have proper reference from the literature.
After the literature review you may also add company background; in which you are conducting the research. It can be any manufacturing or service company operating in UAE. It may include its business details like product and service information. This sub-section should be around 3 to 4 pages.

3. Methodology
It means the procedures. This section should include a description of the major activities and activity timetable for data collection to complete the project. For example, either you will choose interview method for data collection or you will go for questionnaire survey. Following the social entrepreneurship example, this section would indicate the major activities such as number of contact employees in the selected company, sources of secondary data, approaches for the analysis of the collected data, etc. It should be from 1 to 2 pages.

4. Findings/Evaluation
This section should include the specific measurable outcomes. In other words, specify that what you have found out in this research. Provide all your results here in this section in more visible and tangible way. You may make graphs or tables to demonstrate your result findings. Along with your results you can also add your reflection (ideas) on these results with analytical approach.

5. Conclusion
In this section you have to wind up your research by briefly discussing the main objectives of the research and how you have met these objectives. But same time you have to write practical implications for the mangers. It means that you should suggest some new ideas to the manger to improve their relevant area in which you were conducting your research.

6. References
All the citations that you have made throughout your project must be referenced. So, please use APA style of referencing for it (download a separate attached instructions file for inserting reference in MS Word file from Blackboard).

7. Appendix
Some extra material like questionnaire, interview questions or any other information can be included in the appendix section.

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