The project should contain the following sections:
• The statement of research problem and the practical importance of the topic to managers and organizations in general and the UAE organizations in particular.
• An APA style, well-cited and recent references and literature review should be discussed in the second part. This includes a detailed review of the literature and previous studies that center around the following subsections
Toxic Leadership and: a mediation effect of Followers’ style
Followership communication Style with its different components (Followers’ Independent-Dependent Thinking and Followers’ Active-Passive Engagement).
Organizational citizenship behavior
Organizational Commitment
• The sampling and the methods by which the research will be carried out should be presented in the third section. This includes the following subsections:
A detailed description of your sample that cover 100 employees (managers or non-managers) at different levels. This sample could be from one local or international company or more where accessibility to the data is a must.
The surveys and the questionnaires provided below should be used to collect your data.
After collecting the Data, you should the use the provided Excel sheet and/or SPSS software to analyze your data set.
• The main findings, the recommendations should be presented last.
• A list of APA style consistently written references should be provided at the very end of the report

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Leadership Theory is broad in both depth and scope, but regardless of the theory in which an individual subscribe, most individuals tend to associate positive connotations to the leadership processes (Alford, 2001). In the reflection process, one might visualize images in which leaders utilize their powers to influence others to achieve job imbedded or personal goals or we might even focus on a leader’s skills being capable of shaping or improving the human condition and or/ individual at a given organization. These positive perceptions that are held with regard to leadership is why followership communication style is such an important dynamic, which must be understood if organizations are to be effective in the pursuit of their organization goals and mission (Conger, 1999). The way in which we conceptualize the term leadership has so many positive connotations tied to it, that sometimes it is difficult to observe and assess an individual situation as counterproductive or derogatory in nature (Conger, 1999). This rose colored lens in which we view and interpret our workplace is so prevalent, that it can be very difficult to expose a true toxic leader for his or her shortcomings, which may be detrimental to any respective organization of record or to the human capital assigned to it.
There does exist some very solid empirical resources of the dark-side of the leadership
charge as evidenced by the research (e.g., Conger, 1990; Gellately, 2001; Milgram, 1963)
the preponderance of literature focuses on effective leadership and/or governance
in the workplace. Followership communication has three basic faces which include: authoritarian, democratic and laisse-fare leadership (Ashforth, 1994). The three variations have all to do with how much leadership authority is asserted and/or what circumstance is such authority relinquished. It is clear in the review of emerging literature that scholars have taken the...
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