Problem and Purpose Statement Construction

Articulation of a concise problem and purpose statement is key to a successful research proposal. The ability to investigate and evaluate a specific problem in industry is relevant to leaders as they can learn from collective knowledge that has been accumulated in their prospective field of specialization. Regardless of the problem, a business related study requires the exercise of reasonable consideration to different problems in similar specializations and industries. Purpose statements extend the problem statement by providing a concrete and compelling reason to perform the study. In the Public Administration environment, the purpose statement should compel the reader to consider the research approach as a solution that will guide the research study.

Required Reading:
Cooper, D., & Schindler, P. (2008). Chapters: 4, 5, 6.

Van Helden, J., Johnsen, A., & Vakkuri, J. (2008, September).

Assignment 5 Paper – Problem and Purpose Statements
Develop a Problem and Purpose Statements
The problem statement is a brief discussion of a problem or observation succinctly identifying and documenting the need for and importance of a research study. It clearly describes and documents the problem that prompted the possible research study and includes appropriate sources to document the existence of a problem worthy of research.

Based on all your reading so far create a general problem statement (250-300 words) regarding your topic that you feel needs to be further researched. Identify the issue or problem and the population effected. Cite 3-5 additional peer reviewed journal articles that complement the preliminary problem analysis by comparing to successes and failures in the field.

The purpose statement is a high level description of the research to be conducted in response to the problem statement, and the proposed approach to address the topic by providing the reader with the intent for the study. The study begins with a succinct sentence that indicates the study method and overarching goal.

Write a 1-2 page purpose statement that identifies the problem or issue, the population, the geographic location, the proposed solution or solutions to the problem you wish to research. Use citations and documentation of related solutions to similar problems.

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