Critical Issues: Women in Administration
Assignment: Read a biography or autobiography of a woman in public management or politics. (The True American Dream -Sonia Sotomayor- by Antonia Felix: the first Hispanic and only the third woman to sit on the U.S Supreme Court.)
In 6 page paper, describe your subject's:
1- Education
2- Early influences - mentors
3- Paths to power
4- Roadblocks she encountered
5- Perspectives on the role of women in public life and/or management.
6- Leadership style
7- Goals
8- Challenges to overcome
9- Significant achievements
You may not be able to discern all these aspects of your "subject's life - but try, as comprehensively as possible, to narrate how and why your woman leader "made it".
Please be sure to use citations (credit your sources) throughout your paper. Use either APA or MLA style.

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Having for the first time being outside of her comfort zone Sonia Sotomayor experienced being a part of a minority group while attending Princeton University. In 1972 her freshmen class of 1,172 only had 22 Latino, 15 Chicano and 113 black students (Felix, 2010, pg. 38). Due to Princeton’s policy of a “fixed ratio” of 4 men to every women, only 14 percent female applicants were accepted as compared to 22 percent of men, stated Felix (2010, pg, 38). Fortunately as being in the minority scoring lower than her white counterparts on the Standard Aptitude Tests (SAT) allowed for preferential grading and personal quality considerations to benefit from an academic environment (Mathews, 2003).
While Princeton indicates academic considerations for admission were changed to include not only scores personal qualities and other academic involvement brought her to the attention of the admission committee. The issue of test scores has been brought up repeatedly primarily due to the relationship benefits of affirmative action. As a result in the 1990’s many colleges did away with making the SAT mandatory contending the test scores denied equal opportunity admission to colleges to minorities and low income students.
At Yale Sonia took up the fight for minority students as a result of an interview for a position with the law firm, Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge (Felix, 2010, pg. 62). She felt the questions asked were discriminatory and intended to lodge a complaint with the issue becoming a discordant topic among faculty and students. Sonia could not let go of the issue filing a complaint against the firm while urging the school to prohibit the firm from recruiting at the school. The filing of the complaint made a name for Sonia on campus with a faculty-student tribunal reassessing her charges in relation...
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