Interpersonal Communication:

4-5 pages

Analysis of nonverbal cues.

Select an interesting photograph of people (adults only) involved in interaction. Make a digital copy which can be included in your paper or sent as a separate file. [Note that if this is beyond your technical capabilities, you can analyze a photo which I have placed online.] It is important to look for a photo of people in conversation or some other activity. A posed shot limits the amount of information available to analyze, since eye contact is usually aimed at the camera and most people smile, whether they want to or not. Also I suggest not choosing a picture which includes you. This can confuse your interpretation if you are trying to remember how you felt, rather than analyze how you look like you felt within the context of the moment in the photo.

The paper should include (1) important background information (if known), (2) systematic descriptions of the variety of observable cues in the photo, and (3) conclusions about what the cues mean in relation to the material we have studied on nonverbal communication. If you supply the photo, it is important to include your knowledge of the people and situations involved. Your conclusions should be tentative. Determine whether your analysis is consistent with what others think. For more information about the assignment or to use the alternative photo for the assignment click here.

What do these cues mean?
Find a natural picture of people you know. Analyze all the major areas of nonverbal communication:
eye contact
facial expressions

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I selected a photo taken at my recent wedding from three weeks ago. It is of my daughter Jessica, my son-in-law Api, and my grandson Tevita. They are in the backyard of X location in X, California. The time of this photo is late afternoon. X person snapped this shot of the trio, which was not posed in anyway, just a moment captured in time.
This is my second marriage. My daughter Jessica is one of three children from my first marriage. Married to Api for X years, they had Tevita two years ago. Jessica was my maid of honor for the wedding ceremony, and Api was a groomsman.
I do not know any other details about this particular scene because I was busy talking with my guests at the time this photo was taken. I had posted it to Facebook as part of my wedding photos from that day and selected it because it is only of the only photos I have that’s not posed.
Paula, please add what you can about wedding, the photo, etc.

Observable Cues
Here we have three people standing together. Two, a man and woman, are adults standing on each side of a toddler who is being held by the man. For reference, the woman’s name is Jessica, the man’s name is Api, and the toddler’s name is Tavita.

Eye contact
Here we see Api looking down at Tavita, Tavita with his gaze turned upward but not quite making eye contact with Api; he may be looking at Api’s chin or smile. Jessica is looking at over Tavita....

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