I need a video response paper on the movie "their eyes were watching god" this is a critique paper.

It should reflect knowledge of the video content and provide a critique and assessment of the film based on materials in class.
This is for an African American class called black woman. The class is basically about women struggle, discrimination and women power.

About 2 & a half. Consider responding to these questions what message/theme were being conveyed by the film.
How was race and gender depicted. Does this seem accurate.
How can we apply the content of the movie to contemporary issued affecting black women.

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Movie Critique:
Title of the movie:   “Their eyes were watching god(2005)”

Type of movie: TV movie

Halle berry, Ruben Santiago Hudson, Mel Winkler, Michael Elay, Terrence Howard, Lorraine Toussaint,Nickie Michaeux, Gabriel Casseus, Seal Nelson, Kevin Daniels, Maula Garey, Ruby Dee.

Darnell Martin
Their eyes were watching God is the movie of a black and white ethnic mix girl Janie Crawford. The total story of the movie is the life experiences of the Janie, specifically in all her three marriages with three different personalities Logan, Eatonville and Tea Cake. All her marriages failed in giving her the eternal joy and love for which she was wandering from her adolescence. Infact the movie starts with Janie attention and keen amazement, during her early adolescence, watching a bee pollinating a flower in her backyard, which makes her obsessed with the true love and she starts wandering for it there onwards. The movie is shown as narration of total story by Janie to her old friend Pheoby Watson after coming to Eaton ville.

The movie is complete movie depiction of the classical novel by Zora Neale Hurston's about a black woman in the 1930’s Florida. Even though the movie targets to screen the ethnic and identity crisis, of a black woman and her struggle to take up the challenges in moving forward to reach her goal of getting eternal love, But the movie mostly depicts Janie’s sexy love story with the passionate embraces a lot. However the background of Janie’s life progression very clearly narrates the struggle of black woman with individuality in achieving her ultimate emotional freedom and satisfaction....
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