Digital camera industry is one of the most sophisticated, most advanced and fastest growing industries in the world. Digital cameras market grows 15% on average each year. IN the past nine years industry has blossomed because new, easier and high quality cameras replaced old camcorders. New type of video capturing devices have it all: better video quality, less weight, they are easier to transport, easier to preserve data etc.

Answer the following questions.
1. What do you think are the key elements of the value chain of a company operating in the digital camera industry?
2. What is a strategic group map?
3. What is the position of each company in the global marketplace in your industry as concerns entry-level cameras?

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1. Key elements. Research and Development.
Digital camera industry has grown significantly and because of that companies must develop new products fast and to innovate as much as they can. So the most important element in value chain is research and development. There is no company that doesn’t produce digital cameras in Japan. Japan currently has the best developers in the field and the best know-how. Scientists are constantly searching for new, better picture quality as primary competitive advantage....
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