Write a 5 page essay about the Beatles. The topic should be personal issues: personalities/tendencies. It has to be specifically about that particular topic. The essay needs to be an analytical essay, not merely a biographical one.

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An English rock band called The Beatles was formed in Liverpool in 1960. John Lennon started a band with several friends and, originally, the name of the band was The Quarrymen. When Paul McCartney joined, as a rhythm guitarist, immediately after the band was formed, he asked his friend from school George Harrison if he could come and watch the band rehearse. He auditioned for the band and Lennon accepted him as a lead guitarist, despite his age of fourteen. He was very talented and persistent, so Lennon had a little choice but to let him join the band. Lennon's friend from art school Stuart Sutcliffe, a bass guitarist, who joined the band in January 1960, suggested that they should change the band's name to Beatals. After some time and few more name changes like Silver Beetles and Silver Beatles, in late August 1960 they finally changed their name to The Beatles....

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