Read the Case "Dilemma at Devil's Den". Then respond to the questions below
Word limit: 1500 words (Times New Roman, 12-point font).
What is Susan’s dilemma?
What problems has Susan identified with the night shift operations of the Devil’s Den?
How well does the management team perform such strategy execution processes as competency building, shaping the culture, instituting policies and procedures, establishing control systems, developing reward and discipline systems, and exhibiting ethical leadership?
What seems to influence her perceptions and behavior?
What seems to influence the perceptions and behaviors of other Devil’s Den employees?
What should Susan do about her dilemma? Please be very specific about what actions you recommend.

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Susan’s dilemma. It is important to emphasize at the start that Susan realizes something wrong is happening at Den’s and has strong and positive attitude needed to make some changes. Susan was brought up properly and isn’t sure what this all means. In a certain period of time she planned to become student-manager her own, but after seeing all this awkward events with her own eyes it made her realize that there is no job which could be done effortlessly and carefree, but one should always try to perform as best as possible and that sometimes stepping up for your believes can’t pass without consequences. Every business and career can be planned, but sometimes one must step up and fight for his or her belief. So, she found herself in dilemma whether to back off or to try to do something and what should that be. Backing off is solution which is very recommendable in this and similar situations according to lots of people, but as much as something like this is doable there is always remorse. If she wants to become great manager and to develop leadership skills it is obvious that Susan has to find right approach to a given problem.
Problems. In restaurants, cafeterias or any place that...
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