How the AMA (Obamacare) is affecting management controls ?
Who can do it ?
What it is ?
Expectation about it
What is new in Obama care?
Where it is going?
Why it is important today than it was in the past?
Who is beneficial from the Obama care?
Why it is important in the future ?
Is it going to be necessity?
How it effect management control of organization?
What the organization need to change to adapt the Obama care?
How it effect strategic planning , budgeting , risk for employer?
The paper requirement :
Completed papers should be in 12-point type, double spaced and should consist of not less than 6 pages excluding cover pages, illustrations, and references. The focus for the term paper is on some aspect of current events or how current events are or may affect management controls.

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As it has been intensely advertised, started health care reform holds many new benefits, rights, and protections including the heavily disputed obligation for health insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions.
Subsequently, it expands right to use affordable health insurance to almost 50 million men, women and children across the country by reduced premiums via tax credits and Medicaid and CHIP. However, this expansion of the quality, affordability and availability (along with other aspects of the law) doesn’t come without considerable expenses, risks and reorganization in the companies and employers across the states.
In 2014, there is still considerable number of Americans who are entirely uninsured and who are still trading off, hoping from one means of health treatment to another. If they eventually want to sign up for Obamacare healthcare program, than it is necessary for them to do it by the end of this month. Barack Obama‘s administration is giving its last efforts to convince these groups, many of them with Hispanics background, to finally give their signature to it.
State institutions place ads during college basketball games, Mr. Obama perpetuates his appeals on Spanish-speaking television, the health secretary, Kathleen Sebelius has publicized Obamacare to anyone who listened. However, new figures published by McKinsey consultancy, gave new insights how much more work remain to be done, towards the cross line.
The survey was done among Americans who are eligible to buy individual health protection in 2014...
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