Read as much material as you can on the on-going controversy over the alleged “slowing of traffic at the George Washington Bridge” connecting New Jersey and New York allegedly as a retaliatory action conducted by certain senior staff members in Governor Chris Christie’s office and his appointees in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

• Possible ethical lapses.
• Effect on public’s perception of honesty in government.

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The case of slowing of traffic at GWB between New Jersey and Port Lee caused raised really big dust in public. This case opened many questions, but here, I will try to focus on possible ethical lapses.
When it comes to public administration and issues regarding ethics, some of us would probably recall Code of Ethics issued by ASPA – American Society for Public Administration. One of the first rules of aforementioned Code of Ethics is advance of public interest. This means that the public interest stands above the personal interest of particular individual. In case of closed lanes of GWB this rule was obviously broken. Chris Christie bridge scandal made people believe that political reasons brought thousands of people waiting and late for their work and school. Not to mention urgent medical issues, like the case of the lady who died shortly after this incident with bridge. The political background of this case appeared to be the major headline in most of the media recently. The first question was- why is this political case at the first place? Christie’s administration was accused of instructing this traffic jam because it is seen as sort of political revenge against Christie’s opponent at the gubernatorial elections in 2013, Mark Sokolich, the mayor of Port Lee....
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