Part 1
Complete a listening reaction for “O Successores” by Hildegard of Bingen. Can be found on YouTube and other places around the internet.

Part 2
Describe Gregorian chant and tell how it differed from organum.
Choose an older building in your town or city (town hall, church, etc.) and try to describe it based on some of the architecture evaluation tools you are learning. How does it compare to the design of buildings from the Medieval Gothic or Medieval Romanesque period?
Is there a relationship between the artworks from the medieval (Romanesque and Gothic) period and the beliefs and practices of the church of that time? How is that relationship made evident?
Compare Greek and Roman sculpture. In what ways were they similar and how did they differ?

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Part 1.
O Successors is a song and a video that has been given by Hildegard of Bingen who is a German Composer, writer and a philosopher. It is giving a view point and the concept that was being followed in the olden days. As per the video, the song and music is from middle age musical world. It is a video that has been created as an example of the chant that is Gregorian and has been expressed and notated in the melodic line that is single. It has a drone as well in the song. This means that one long and sustained tune has been added in the melody. It is being played by the medieval string bowed instrument. This practice was being followed in the middle times.
Initially there has been a low register of the song, tune and the music where the melody later rises and falls and climaxes on agni. There has been a low pitch and rise and fall of the tunes in the entire song and the music...

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