Answer questions below:
1)The key to effective documents management is the classification of documents in order of importance for the organization. Distinguish between four classification categories.
2) Describe the function of the following: files and folders, labels, guides, out-cards, cross-reference cards and color coding.
3) Explain why it is important to have knowledge about different cultures when dealing with customers.
4) Creating a culture of customer satisfaction starts with effective management and leadership that have proper mechanisms in place for customer satisfaction in all aspects of the business. Do you agree? Substantiate your answer.
5) Distinguish between a transactional license and a blanket license. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.

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Question 1
There are numerous arrangements to consider when searching for a filing system. A thought of what works should ultimately base on what is being filled. Also, it should rely on the number of files an individual has and sub-categories the system needs to be broken down. The files are keyed depending on their importance and ease of access when needed. Therefore, there are four varied classification categories used for management of documents in an organization. First, there is alphabetical filing. It is the popular way to file, primarily because individuals tend to be satisfied with the arrangement of names. The file name grounded on a consumer, commercial name, cognomen, environment or any other word gives information. By attaching color code labels with the first 2 or 3 cultures of the file name, an individual will produce groups of color...
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