Examine closely official duties and responsibilities of this city planning official.
Write a 3 – 4 pages descriptive memo.
In this memo, describe the City of Houston as an agency and the duties and responsibilities of a city planner, the environment of operation (bureaucratic setting), work ethics and accountability.
You may add any relevant issue(s) that might attract your attention and is worthy of discussion in this memo.

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City planners play a very important role in maintaining the aesthetic value of the city since they make long-term and short-term goals about the judicious role of land resources in the city. They need to promote sustainable development by considering the needs of the current as well as future population and propose construction of structures accordingly such as roads, schools, etc. The duties and responsibilities have been summarized below (Municode, 2014):
The city planner is responsible for making careful studies and make plans about the city’s resources, needs and possibilities...
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