Critical analysis of two newspapers or magazine articles on aging issues.

Each student will analyze two news articles. These articles can be on any subject that interests you and that pertains to older people or aging. You can obtain articles from newspapers, magazines or the Internet. Students must cite the sources and date of the articles. If using the internet, the articles must come from a reliable source such as a news or publishing source. In selecting articles, please answer the following questions.

1) Does the article portray older persons negatively or positively?
2) If the article contains research on aging, does it provide information on the number of subjects and the controls?
3) Why did you choose this particular article?
4) How did this article have an impact on you and how did it change your ideas about aging, if at all?

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The first article I chose for this assignment involved the importance of sexual intimacy in senior citizens. Michaeleen Doucleff (2014) of National Public Radio states that “scientists at the University of Chicago have uncovered one way couples can offset the stress of illness and aging: more physical intimacy.” Often, senior citizens face humiliating insults and putdowns for simply discussing intimacy because some younger people cannot imagine their grandparents having sex due to how they look...

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