Answer the following questions about Pope Francis

Explain his:
a) vision
b) Making constituency
c) maximizing values
d) example of a situation in which he applied the "transactional leadership style"

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A) Vision
Pope Francis has distinguished himself as an icon for the words vision and mission. (1) A formal mission statement has been drafted as to the tenets of his plan for reform within the Catholic Church. “It is my hope that the Catholic Church would become more merciful to the needy and less confined and clinging to its’ own security” (Pope Francis, 2015). (1) According to USA Today, Francis’ 85-page document aimed at explaining his hope to reform the church into a more missionary organization that “gets its hands dirty” for the sake of the poor and the oppressed in a world that prizes profit over people. As evidenced by the collective words and thoughts of Pope Francis, it is very clear that he is looking for the Catholic Church to position itself as a beacon of help and authentic outreach internationally and to be less consumed with obsessions, protocol and traditions. (1) He even addressed his fellow priest as “sourpuss” and “boring” and spoke against their elitist and arrogant attitudes, which turn many off from the Catholic Church....

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