Big Kola Company has been concerned that specialized fruit drinks have been eroding their cola market. The CEO mandates that “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Grape juice was the first product that was successful after an advertising blitz claiming the antitoxin benefits. Lately, competition is compressing grape juice margins and profits. Months of additional market surveys and focus groups have resulted in three potential high-margin drinks: cranberry, blueberry, and pomegranate. All these choices represent antitoxins. The decision is to produce the pomegranate drink that has many health claims. For example, the relative ability of these juices to eliminate harmful free radicals (antitoxins) is 71 percent for pomegranate, 33 percent for blueberry, and 20 percent for cranberry (Technion Institute of Technology). The market potential appears very attractive and should have a higher profit margin than the other potential juice products. Another appeal for pomegranate juice is its familiarity in the Middle East and Asia.

Part 1

1. Develop the WBS outline using MS Project.
2. Use this file and the information provided to create a project schedule.
3. The following Holidays are observed January 1st, Martin Luther King Day (third Monday in January), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), July 4th, Labor Day (first Monday on September), Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November), December 25th and 26th. The project manager is very superstitious and does not want work performed on any Friday the 13th.
4. If a holiday falls on a Saturday then Friday will be given as an extra day off, if it falls on a Sunday then Monday will be given off.
5. The Project Team works eight-hour day Monday through Friday.
6. The Project will begin on January 3, 2018.
7. Based on this schedule, submit a memo that answers the following questions:
a. When is the project estimated to be completed? How many working days will it take?
b. What is the critical path?
c. Which activity has the most total slack?
d. How sensitive is this network?
e. Identify two sensible milestones and explain your choice.
Include the following printouts: a Gantt chart and a network diagram highlighting the critical path.

Part 2

Remember the old saying, “A project plan is not a schedule until resources are committed.” This exercise illustrates this sometime subtle, but important point.

Using your files from Part 1 but saved as Part 2, input resources and their costs. The information is provided below.

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c. Which activity has the most total slack?
The activity 1.4.2 package design has the most total slack of 40 days as shown in the project file. This Gantt chart shows the slack of the activities that are not in the critical path (as these are the activities that have slack)
d. How sensitive is this network?
Since the project has single critical path and a task which has the longest slack of 40 days, it means that the tasks can run late 3 days all together without...

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