Top Secret America:
According to the authors of the series, there are 23 types of work being done within Top Secret America.

Your task is to learn as much as you can from publicly-available information about the sort of work one or more of the companies with contracts within the area you select, and to develop a point of view on the information you collect. Be sure to note any ethical issues arising from the work in the area you examine, with care taken to explain your reasoning. You may search anywhere for publicly available information - books, newspapers, internet, etc. Cite your sources, and remember to communicate your point of view in clear fashion.

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Top Secret America - PSYOPS - a case study

The issue with researching the way private companies and government bodies perform top secret work is that... the work is top secret. Of course, all these companies and organizations have their websites and tell you roughly what they do - but not exactly how they do it. Secrecy, in this line of work, is essential, that cannot be disputed. Whether you are protecting the country from terrorist attacks or supporting the troops oversees fighting in combat missions, you naturally don’t want your enemy to know what you are doing. This is especially poignant in the new information age, where everything you publish (or let slip, or leak) is instantly plastered on the internet for everyone in the world to see, only a click away from the eyes of your own citizens - or those of your enemies. But the problem with any secret operation is that without public scrutiny, it allows a lot of room for abuse, inefficiency, misuse of public funds (or worse) and ethically dubious practices - and it also allows a lot of room for public speculation on these, substantiated or not.
One of the areas of work listed in the Washington Post’s Top Secret America project page that has recently been the subject of such speculation (more than usual) is the area of Psychological Operations. PSYOPS, as the area is abbreviated, falls under the scope of a larger group of specialized operations known as Information Operations (IO)....

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