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In a few sentences, please answer the following questions:

1) Could terrorists introduce a health problem such as the UK Mad Cow situation into the US food chain? If not Mad Cow, are there other pathogens that would inflict the desired financial or health problems (casualties) on the US?

2) Since the US food chain is nationwide and diversified, could terrorist actions produce a long term impact rather than a short term disruption?

3) Would a unified, independent food-safety agency improve our preparedness for a terrorist attack on the food chain?

4) How would you improve the CDC's ability to detect an intentional attack on agriculture or food production?

5) Several years ago, the previous President appointed a Food Czar. This position has almost been invisible to the American public. Has the appointment of a Food Czar made any difference in food safety?

6) Water supplies are managed at the local and state level. How does the federal government ensure they are prepared to deal with potential terrorist events?

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1) A health problem in the US food chain could be unfortunately introduced by terrorist. There are couple of different ways regarding food safety that terrorist could use for causing financial and health losses such are water supply (using chemical or biological warfare), imported foods treated with biological or chemical agents previously or toxins introduced on plants growing on US soil as well as livestock...

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